Overview: This article describes the process of enabling Push Notifications from the EasyN App during alarm triggered events when motion detection is triggered.

Note: The triggered alarm events feature must be configured on the camera before the customer will receive alerts.

Technical Note: Be sure the latest firmware is installed on all EasyN products and that the app is up to date with the latest version.

Technical Notes:
To ensure that Push Notifications are received via the EasyN App the following conditions must be met:

1)    Verify the EasyN camera sending the notifications is updated to the latest firmware version. Some older firmware revisions / products do not support this feature unless this is completed.

2)    Verify the motion detection settings are enabled for events to trigger an alarm. The following settings will need to be updated in the camera.

a.    Motion Detection Function: Enabled

b.    Set Detection Area: Completed

c.    Detection Schedule: Established

3)    Verify the “Push message to the phone” check box is checked.

Step 1:

Make sure your camera is connect to the Internet and it shows online in your APP.

Click "Sure " to keep the settings.Then you can get the notification from your smartphone when there is any motion detection is triggered.