Overview: This article discusses the procedure of setting up the WIFI configuration on a camera using the app while the camera is connected to a router via an Ethernet cable.


Be sure the following steps/conditions are met before proceeding.

1)    Connect the camera with an Ethernet cable directly to the wireless router.Make sure your camera shows online in the APP main interface.

2)    Maintain a distance between the camera and wireless router of 2-5 meters (6-12 feet) maximum.

3)    Verify the smart device/phone is connected to the wireless router’s 2.4 GHz WIFI band. (The camera only supports 2.4 GHz.)

4)    Verify that no special characters are used in the WIFI password. These include characters outside of A-Z and 0-9.


Enter into the APP main interface,click on the Settings icon to proceed to the camera settings as below steps,

                                                   Figure 1

                                                    Figure 2

Step 2: Find the Wi-Fi Icon and click on it to access Wi-Fi setting page.

                                                  Figure 3

Note: At this point the internal WIFI adapter of the camera is scanning nearby WIFI networks to show what networks are currently within radio range of the camera. 

Step 3: Find and select the correct WIFI SSID. The app will prompt for the WIFI password. Be sure to enter the password correctly and click the OK button.

                                               Figure 4

                                                 Figure 5

After the above steps are completed standby for approximately 5 seconds before unplugging the Ethernet cable from the camera. After unplugging the Ethernet cable the WIFI module in the camera should take over and attempt to login to the WIFI network.

                                                  Figure 6

                                                  Figure 7

When back  to the  APP main interface, the camera should reappear on the EeasyN app after 1-2 minutes.

                                                  Figure 8


                                                  Figure 9

When it shows online,click here then we can get the live feed now.

                                                   Figure 10