Some customers mentioned that the camera is attacked and controlled remotely by hackers. It is recommended that the customer do the followings,

Please do these suggestions in the background of your camera,you could be able to do all or a part of these suggestions make sure your camera security.

Ip cameras search tool downloading

Please download from this link

Unzip this file,it shows as below,


Click “IPCamerasearch”,it shows as follow,



Double click H3 IPCAM in the left box



Input the camera’s user name, default is admin,password is admin to log in the background of the camera,if you have changed the user name and password,please input the correct user name and password that you have changed.


Log in the webpage of the camera,click the first button to sign in,


Log in view the video on the webpage,click the options button to log in the background of the camera.



The first suggestion:Modify the default password for the camera

Click Advanced settings----User Manage,it is recommended that all permissions be modified.For example,if there are three permissions,please modify them one by one,if there is only one permission,please also modify the user and password.


The second suggestion:Turn off the camera's domain name

Click Networking-Remote Access as below,It is not recommended for remote web access to the camera,so please close Dynamic DNS,also close Automatic port mapping UPNP,


It shows as below after you close these two options,


The third suggestion:Enable to RTSP Permission to check and Onvif check as below, 



The forth suggestion:It is recommended to close the Port Mapping in your router and shut down the virtual server

The fifth suggestion:Update the firmware

Please provide us the current firmware of the camera you need to update so that we could be able to send the corresponding firmware to you.For example,

720p firmware version:V7.

960p firmware version:V6.

1080p firmware version:V6.

Any further question,please do not hesitate to contact us