H3 series IP camera CMS Software using guide:

About other settings.



Then click



1. Set the value of connect timeout:


Default value is 10 sec, if the camera failed to connect in 10sec, there will have a connect failure message .



2.Set log retention time: (Mean the records retention time in )

User can select the value here


3.Select the capture format.

User can choose the format of the snapshot pictures here.


4.Select image capture path:(The capture path of the snapshot images)

Click button

, select the capture path.

At the same time, check the login status of the software .


Suppose you choose the D disk, then click My Computer and find the file

5.Select the single screen number : (The maximum number of cameras you can see in a single screen)

Sixteen Pic:



6.Select display mode:



Then you will see:

User just need to click OK button.



After setting all these parameters, click Save button in the bottom right corner.



Change the default password add device:

Default PW to add device is admin, you can change your own password here.


Suppose the new PW is easyn.